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Skin Boosters (Sunekos and Jalrupo) | FIllerd With Love

About Skin Boosters (Sunekos and Jalrupo)

A consultation will always take place before any treatment, whether that’s the same day as treatment, or another day prior to treatment.

A list of do’s and dont’s will be sent out to you personally upon every booking with a thorough list of advice and information.

Prior to treatment we advise the following;

-For clients who bruise easily, arnica tablets can be taken to minimise this which can be purchased from any local pharmacy.

-Medical history is fully checked upon consultation, this is essential as fillers can not be carried out under certain medications, please ensure you bring a prescription to your consultation/appointment if you take several medications. A doctors note may be needed in some cases.

Skin boosters are comprised of both liquid/gel hyaluronic acid and powdered essential amino acids which together work to boost your skins natural collagen. They work to BRIGHTEN AND TIGHTEN and REJUVENATE.

So if you are feeling like your skin is lacking hydration, is starting to form slight fine lines and wrinkles, or is starting to feel sunken, then this is the treatment for you.

Skin boosters are injected into the skin, either across the whole face or can be targeted to a specific problem area, such as the eyes or nasal labial folds.

They work well for under eye bags specifically as they naturally restore the hollows, resulting in tighter and brighter skin. This will diminish the appearance of dark circles.

This is perfect for those clients who are unsure about botox or fillers as it gives a more natural, subtle result.

This treatment will require 2-4 sessions which must be carried out 7-10 days apart, for best results we advise 4 sessions for a full face or 2 sessions for under eyes.

Results are not immediate but can usually be seen after 2 sittings.

All aftercare will be sent over to you VIA email or text so you know what to expect and what to do.

You will have my full support for however long after the procedure that you need it, all my clients have access to my number, my social media and my email to contact me at any given point.

Any questions or queries can be asked and I always ensure my clients know this during their consultation.

This brand is built off love, so that is what you will receive from beginning to end, I believe you are not only paying for the treatment, but the whole experience, which includes thorough support and 24 hour advise.

For anybody wanting dermal fillers, whether that is lips, cheeks or jawline contouring or chin enhancement, please don’t hesitate to contact. I am usually located in Birmingham and offer a range of other services covered under the genre of facial aesthetics also, including skin boosters and correctional work.

I am insured and competent to carry out these procedures both under my own indemnity and the GDC, always adhering to the GDC’s 9 principles. I use a range of different dermal fillers in the clinic which are all CE approved and stamped or FDA approved; these include Restylane, Dermalax, Revolax and Juvederm.

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Kelli Macalease

Hi hun its Kelli. Just to let you know that I think the procedure that I had the other day is really good. I’m